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At C-Enable, we are committed to addressing the under-representation of women on boards within the crypto and digital asset industry as well as other under-represented categories.  


We believe that addressing diversity and inclusion provides an organisation with a strategic business advantage. Gender diversity has been proven to foster a variety of perspectives, leading to more sustainable decisions, enhanced client service, and ultimately, increased profitability.  


By promoting improved diversity, we aim to elevate the industry's reputation and credibility, positioning it as a more respected force within the wider context of financial services as a whole.


To tackle this issue comprehensively, we approach it from two angles: 


1. Supporting individual firms and the industry as a whole: we are embarking on the first-ever industry-wide survey to assess the current status of female representation at board level.  Armed with this data and insights from successful diversity initiatives in other industries, we offer consulting services to digital asset firms.  Our goal is to demonstrate how addressing gender inequality can enhance their resilience, sustainability, and profitability.



2. We also coach senior women to raise their profiles and increase their chances of being elected to board positions: we provide bespoke support to empower senior women to reach their full potential and become compelling candidates for board positions. Our qualified ACC coaches act as partners on their professional journeys, offering support in raising their profile, increasing confidence, expanding networks, setting strategic goals, and developing comprehensive career plans.



Please contact us if you would like any more information:

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