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Unlocking the Top Talent for your Firm

Let’s talk about hiring and developing your leadership talent.

C-Enable is part of the Enable group, which has been hiring and advising senior leadership talent around the world since 2001.

Due to the absence of a dedicated executive search and talent consultancy firm focused on senior talent within the crypto industry, we founded C-Enable in 2022

As the digital asset industry evolves, the competition for optimal leadership is becoming increasingly challenging.  Increased regulation and traditional finance moving into crypto necessitates rigorous governance and leadership from the very best talent at Board-level, C-level and below.

To stay ahead of their competition, crypto businesses are having to look outside their own networks to hire the very best senior executives and non-executives to transform and scale their firms.

C-Enable exists to make this possible.

Made up of a team of experienced consultants, some with over 20 years of experience in headhunting and talent consultancy, C-Enable's mission is to help this fantastic industry get to where it deserves to be in terms of hiring and developing talent.

C-Enable’s vision is to transform the digital asset industry from a talent acquisition and talent

development perspective.

In an industry where the demand for talent outpaces supply, our mission is to bridge the gap. We are

dedicated to supporting firms with their hiring, onboarding and retention of the very best, diverse global

talent at a leadership level.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Tim founded his first executive search firm, ALC Enable, in 2001 and in 2022 founded C-Enable for the Crypto and Digital Asset industry, followed by Benchmark your Job in 2023.


With a background in film, theatre and publishing, he established the ‘Creative and Media’ practice for a London executive search firm in the late 1990s.


With 22 years of working with top end headhunting firms around the world, Tim saw an opportunity gap for a top end executive search and talent consultancy business focused at Board and C-level within the crypto space. This resulted in C-Enable, the first search firm to do this in a dedicated way and Benchmark your Job was a natural spin-off.


Tim also coaches and mentors industry leaders, enabling them to hone their skills and experience, develop and prioritise their plans for their business and achieve their goals.


He is fanatical about 1980s and 2020s music, a passionate skier, an okay chess player, a below-average children’s magician, and the least prolific stand-up comedian on the London circuit, averaging one gig every 4 years to date. He still would like to try his hand at comedy, it’s just a question of whether his arm and the rest of his body will follow.

Natalie Gray Image.png

Natalie Gray is a highly experienced talent acquisition leader and ICF-accredited coach. Her extensive hands-on experience spans over 15 years, during which she has played pivotal roles at organizations like, Facebook/Meta, and Cisco Systems. Natalie's expertise lies in designing and implementing effective interview and assessment programs, building and scaling diverse Talent Acquisition teams, and driving diversity and inclusion initiatives.


With a strategic approach to recruitment, Natalie excels in partnering with C-level executives to design and deliver comprehensive talent acquisition strategies across Europe, APAC, and the Middle East. Her consulting services are tailored to the needs of the fast-paced tech industry, including recruitment team building, scaling, temporary leadership, and recruitment strategy audits.


Natalie's approach is grounded in practical, results-focused actions. She provides businesses with the tools and strategies to optimize recruitment processes, from talent acquisition to onboarding. Her ability to understand and adapt to the unique challenges of different regions makes her an invaluable asset for any organization looking to enhance its talent acquisition and leadership development efforts in the blockchain and crypto sectors.

Aleksandra Trpchevska Image.png

Aleksandra Trpchevska is the architect of exceptional matches in recruitment and executive search, working on a global basis.


With over 4 years in executive recruitment, she's proven her worth as a trusted partner

for companies seeking top-tier talent.


With a foundation in both business and technology, Aleksandra's unique background allows her to bridge the gap between the intricate requirements of roles within the

crypto sector and the strategic business goals of her clients.


Her knack for understanding client needs serves as the foundation for successful searches that consistently yield top-notch candidates who align seamlessly with her client's objectives.


Her reputation is built on commitment to excellence, leadership, and a holistic grasp of tech, business, and talent.


Aleksandra has lived in the US and holds a degree in English Language and Literature.

She speaks several languages including

English, Spanish, and Macedonian, with a working knowledge of Italian and French.


In her free time, she enjoys travel and

dancing as well as reading personal development books and suspense novels.

Daniel for website.jpg

Daniel spearheads our marketing campaigns and strategies to drive growth and brand recognition. He also creates our visual content and produces our marketing materials in house.


Daniel has a long and varied experience as a marketing manager in previous roles within the industry and others, and also more specifically within the film industry, having worked as a cameraman and director for broadcast television and motion pictures.


He is an avid gardener, woodworker and amateur chef, and enjoys travelling with his wife whenever life offers the opportunity.

Daniel Wright Header.png
Karolina Miller Image.png

Coming from a design background, Karolina serves as a researcher while also being an integral part of the data entry and research team.


Karolina is excited to be immersing herself in the crypto industry and explore the possibilities it offers.


Outside work, Karolina enjoys long forest walks with her dog Popeye, live music, and spending hours in the cinema. She loves to surround herself with people, always friendly and willing to help.

Michal Maslakow Image.png

Michal effectively leads our global data entry team while also spearheading research for talent and M&A projects on behalf of our executive search clients. Additionally, Michal undertakes Executive Search ventures within the Crypto Industry.


Michal is a former Welsh Youth Soccer Champion and an active football player, who brings the invaluable ethos of sports teamwork into the business arena, highlighting the parallels between sports victories and corporate triumphs.

Magdalena Gorska Image.png
Magdalena Gorska Header.png

Magda joined C-Enable to support the team in terms of research, data and administration following a career running her own business as an English language tutor and a translator. She also has experience in customer services within insurance, working at Axa in the Czech Republic and also lived in Ireland too when she was younger.


Her biggest passion is performing music, and she also enjoys literature, cinematography and cooking, learning new recipes.

Martyna Korbel Image.png
Martyna Korbel Header.png

Mat joined C-Enable to support the team in terms of research, data and administration, after having taught English to children of various ages. She also worked briefly as a help-desk specialist and was a Financial Assistant at a loan company.


She is an avid reader and writer (mostly fantasy), plays the guitar and sings, as well as dabbling in Dungeons and Dragons.

Ruth Eastgate Image.png
Ruth Eastgate Header.png

For most of her career, Ruth has worked in administration and support roles, improving processes, structure, and communication within several businesses.


She joined C-Enable to help the Founder with its growth and to increase efficiency whilst building the brand and its global footprint. Her role is multi-faceted, including internal communications and client engagement activities, as well as arranging travel, market intelligence and diary management, amongst other responsibilities.


Ruth is a particularly keen runner, with an impressive, international background in the sport, and has a passion for baking, cooking and her garden. Her ambition is to skydive in the next few years.

"We have retained C-Enable to search the market for a number of senior positions.  We have found them to be consistent and rigorous.  They have brought us some of our best talent.  They have worked across both technical and non-technical roles and we've been delighted with the results."

Simon Mcloughlin - CEO Uphold

Our services cover every aspect of identifying, hiring, and developing your leadership team across all job functions, including at C-level and board-level.



On a retained and exclusive basis, we interrogate the whole market, over several geographies when required, to identify and hire the most suitable individuals for you. We consult and challenge you when necessary so we can pinpoint the optimal profile of the individual you need and where we might find them. We interview our targets a minimum of twice before deciding whether they are strong enough to present to you. We are transparent with our process, providing you with a weekly report containing our commentary and intelligence on the market, as well as the profiles of the individuals we are targeting. Our task is to rule people out for you, even if we have the slightest concern, so we will typically only need to introduce one to three candidates who are a perfect match for you. We help you design your interview process if required, and exchange feedback with you and the candidate at every stage, working with you to constantly evaluate their suitability and any concerns we may share. We handle the negotiations around compensation to ensure you obtain the best value for money around base salary, bonus, and any equity/equity plans, and help ensure that your chosen candidate does not get counter-offered by their current employer.


Thank you for contacting us!!

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Let's talk about hiring and developing your senior talent.

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